Notes 🎵 from Mr. Kemp

It's time to go back to school! That might be a slightly less  than happy thought for many of you, but everything is in motion toward something else in life... just like it is with music. Each of the music directors has been getting ready for another great season with the Longmont Youth Symphony, and we have some really great music picked out to start with. ( Teaser: the Wind Ensemble will be exploring some wonderful music by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams!)

Those of you who are returning this year know what a  whirlwind  the first concert cycle can be. To those of you who have just joined us: Get ready! We only have FIVE rehearsals before the first concert, and every minute of the time we play together needs to be productive. Imagine putting a concert together in one week of rehearsals at your school. That's what we do. Welcome to the big league!

To do this, everyone must come to rehearsals prepared to play their part. As one of my own mentors once told me,  we come to rehearsal to learn each other's parts... not to learn how to play our own .  Make sure you are practicing at home and with your lesson teacher so the first concert sparkles with technique and expressiveness!

I can't wait to start, and I hope you're getting excited too!

Jeff Bonin